Western PA Gup Clinic Coming up

On August 9, River Valley TSD, Imperial Dragon TSD and Keystone Martial Arts will be co-hosting the Western PA Gup Clinic outside of Pittsburgh, PA. As always, this should an excellent event and a relatively close opportunity to work with 2 distinguished Master Instructors.

If you are interested in attending, please see Mr. Marker for the paperwork.

New Safety Officer

Congratulations to Jamie Sanders, our new Safety Officer. Jamie will be responsible for keeping a stock of bandaids and tape in the first aid kit, as well as keeping everyone's emergency contact information. We will be working with RPAC to get Jamie First Aid and CPR certified, so please refrain from getting injured until then.

Jamie joins our illustrious corps of officers for the 2008-2009 School year:

President: Alexis Bohland
Vice-President: Isabelle Modolo
Treasurer: Chris Baddeley
Secretary: Kevin Von Valkenburgh
Marketing: Edwin Grant

BTSD is on Facebook

Most of us by now have heard of Facebook. It is the social networking tool that allows friends to communicate and share pictures and videos as well. BTSD has now officially jumped on the Facebook bandwagon by creating an official page.

Safety Officer Elections

Tuesday, we will be holding a special election for the club Safety Officer. This is a mandatory officer position, as required by RecSports. In addition to be trained in First Aid and CPR, the safety officer is also responsible for maintaining our first aid supply kit, compiling emergency contact requests, and putting together travel reports.

If you have an interest in the position, you are welcome to run. First Aid and CPR certification must be attained ASAP if you are not already certified. The club will make necessary training arrangements for you.

Black Belt Camp - 8/15 - 8/17

The Region Five Black Belt Camp is almost upon us. All BTSD members ranking from 1st gup and above are expected to attend this event, as it is considered a mandatory event.

This year's camp will host Master Carla Bennett, Oh Dan. Master Bennett is the Director for Region 2 and is the most senior ranking female Master in the WTSDA.

Download the paperwork, and bring it to class for Mr. Marker to sign.

Meet. Mr. Deadarm

Getting warmer. Drink Up.

Hydration, even in a climate controlled workout area, is extremely important. Unfortunately, the advice on hydration is varied to both extremes.

Here is a good article on the subject.

Break and Summer Quarter Hours

This is somewhat complicated, so write it down :)
June 1 - June 5: 6:30pm in 138W
June 8 - June 15: 6:30pm in 134

Summer Quarter begins June 17
Tuesday, Thursday - 7:00-8:30PM
Sunday - 3:00-5:00PM
All classes in B138West (Matted side)

Clean your uniform!

As the weather turns warmer, we should all take a look at the Guide to Dobohk Care.

Part of BTSD's dedication to professionalism lies in our attention to detail. A dobohk that was wadded up after last class neither looks or smells very professional. Contrast this to a clean dobohk with smooth, sharp folds. Periodically, all students should check their dobohk for tears, stains or loose patches. I enjoy snatching loose patches from uniforms...

Welcome to the new Web Site

As you can see, the website is radically different than the last visit. Over the next few weeks, you will see an increase in activity on this site as old articles are transported over, and new content is added.

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