Officers Elections

New officers have successfully been elected on Tuesday! BTSD officers for 2010-2011 are:
President: Bill Anderson
Vice-President: Yuksel Boz
Treasurer: Nick Denton
Secretary: Alex Bernard
Safety Officer: Mr Chris Miller

Marketing position will be taken care of by all officers.
Congratulations to new officers, and good luck for the year to come!

Spring Quarter 2010 Begins!

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break. Tonight marks the beginning of Spring
Quarter classes. We meet in the usual place (B138 West) at the usual time (Sunday,
6:30-8:30 PM, Tues. & Thurs. 7:00-9:00 PM).

We have a busy spring ahead of us and a busy summer to follow. Officer elections are only
a month away, spring testing is May 8th to be followed by the club birthday party! After
that, we roll right in to summer with the WTSDA 2010 World Championship taking place in
Greensboro, NC in July. Information about all of these events is regularly given out in

If we haven't seen you on the training floor in awhile, spring is a good time to come
back out. Shake off the winter hibernation and get ready to train hard!

Tang Soo!

BTSD Blood Drive - January 5th

On Tuesday, January 5th, BTSD is going to be co-sponsoring a blood drive in the RPAC from 1 - 7 pm. This is a great and relatively simple way to make a difference and get credit for community service. We hope that all BTSD students will be able to make some time that day to donate blood, as well as encourage friends to join them.

Holiday Break

Thursday, December 18 was the final class for BTSD in 2009. We will resume classes in Winter Quarter on Tuesday, January 5 at 7PM. Be ready to work off all the extra food you've consumed!

Have a safe and enjoyable break!!!

Wet day at the Involvement Fair

It was a wet afternoon, but thanks to all of the BTSD students who came out to represent the club and talk to new students. The fun continues throughout the week with our first class tonight and the Martial Arts expo on Thursday. Click the above photo to see our collection of photos from the week.

Welcome New Students!!!

This week is Welcome Week at Ohio State. There are lots of great activities going on this week, and getting involved is the key to having a great time at OSU. Here's just a quick list of things we'll be doing this week.

Student Involvement Fair September 21

Monday on the Oval, we (and thousands of our best friends) will be on the Oval talking about student activities. Check out our booth in the Sports Club area and meet the instructors and students. In addition to BTSD, there will be representatives from other sports clubs, greek life, community service groups, and more. And lots of food.

BTSD New Member Night September 22, 7PM
This will be our "official" night for prospective members to try Tang Soo Do. However, new students are welcome at any time. In addition to class, we will be having brief demonstrations throughout the night to show what makes our martial art unique.

Martial Arts Expo September 24
The Martial Arts Expo is a yearly tradition at OSU, where all of the clubs come together for an evening of martial arts demonstrations and clinics. Clubs will have info booths, some will be doing demonstrations throughout the evening, while other clubs may be giving seminars. If you are interested in martial arts, but not sure what is for you, this is a GREAT opportunity!

Cub Scout Bong Techniques

In the not-so-distant past, Scouts could get a merit badge as a Master-At-Arms. Here is a link to the article. That's right, we used to teach quarterstaff techniques to our youth!

Here is the entire text, a free download at Lulu. In addition to quarterstaff, the badge covered boxing, jujitsu, fencing, wrestling and more. Obviously, at 39 pages, it is a very brief overview of the arts, but a neat idea nonetheless.

Tan Tui Handouts

To get you started on your Tan Tui path, we've created a few informational handouts, starting with the roadmap for Tan Tui #1.

Unless you've actually practiced the form, this outline will be pretty useless. That's a design feature, not a fault. :) This guide is more like a set up notes rather than instructions. More will be coming soon, but will be for student access only. Tang Soo!

Studying Terminology

Having a strong command of the Korean names for our techniques is an important step in understanding Tang Soo Do and is a critical requirement for being an instructor. As a student gets closer to attaining Black Belt, they suddenly find themselves responsible for a heavy load of terminology.

Those of you starting this undertaking may find the following resource useful. Arrowhead Tang Soo Do - a WTSDA studio in Glendale, Arizona - has developed a tool for studying and memorizing TSD terminology. Check it out, and see how you fare!

Sip Sam Seh (song of the 13 influences)

In class last night, I briefly alluded to the Sip Sam Seh when I mentioned "The source of the will is in the waist." For those of you who are curious and want to learn a little more about this poem, please check out the following resources, and the translation that follows. As mentioned in class, a lot of this material is rather advanced and esoteric, but there are small amounts of info that can be appreciated more as you advance in rank and experience.

Never neglect any of the Sip Sam Seh.
The source of the will is in the waist.
Pay attention to the slightest change from full to empty.
Let energy flow through the whole body continuously.
Stillness embodies motion, motion stillness.
Seek stillness in motion.
Surprising things will happen when you meet your opponent.
Give awareness and purpose to every movement.
When done correctly all will appear effortless.
At all times pay attention to the waist.
Relaxed clear awareness of abdomen, the energy can be activated.
When the base of the spine is erect, energy rises to the top of the head.
The body should be flexible.
Hold the head as if suspended from a string.
Keep alert and seek the meaning and purpose of your art.
Bent and stretched, open and closed, let nature take its course.
Beginners are guided by oral teaching.
Gradually one applies himself more and more.
Skill will take care of itself.
What is the main principle of the martial arts?
The mind is the primary actor and the body the secondary one.
What is the purpose and philosophy behind the martial arts?
Rejuvenation and prolonging of life beyond the normal span.
So an eternal spring.
Every word of this song has enormous value and importance.
Failing to follow this song attentively, you will sigh away your time.

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