New officers elected!

Since we are nearing the time our new officers will take their positions, here is a reminder of who they are:
President: Nick Denton
Treasurer: Pheobe Gordon
Secretary: Kate Meizlich
Vice-President: Bethany Keyser
Safety: Bill Anderson
Marketing: Kea Zertuche

New officers will take the place of the current ones at the beginning of Summer quarter. We will have training by then, and most of the current officers will be around a while longer if anyone has questions.

Make sure we all assist them in anything they need, to keep the tradition of BTSD being one of the most active and helpful martial arts clubs on campus!

Gup Testing

Testing is coming! Saturday, December 3rd is the day! That's the weekend before finals' week, so prepare accordingly!

Here are a couple reminders, so everything goes smoothly:

  • Show up 15 minutes early! We'll need help to set up everything.
  • Bring what you will need. That includes:
    • Do Bohk
    • Gup Manual
    • Mouth Guard
    • Weapons, if you need them
  • Be on your best behavior! That includes the following:
    • Ki Ahp. All the time. You most likely can not Ki Ahp too much.
    • Bow to every black belt and masters, in Do Bohk or in their Blue Suits. Even more true than for Ki Ahps, you can not bow too much.
    • "Yes Sir!" Whenever anybody higher rank than you tells you something, you should answer with "Sir" (or "M'am")
    • Whenever you are not on the floor, sit straight (do not lean) and be alert to help any instructor that needs help

Those are things we should always do, but it is even more important in testing.
Also, don't forget, we are still there to have fun! Bring your best spirits, and show "them" what we at BTSD can do!

Central PA Gup Clinic

New event coming up!

The next big regional event is the Central PA Gup Clinic, organized by Master Kaye, of the Penn State Martial Arts Group.
Those of you who have been to our Ohio Gup Clinic, you know what it's like. Only this time, since it's closer to the center of the region, there should be much more people, including more Masters.

It's a long way away, but you know what that means... Road trip!!!

Anyway, all the details are in the attached paperwork, but here is a summary:

Registration is $35, paid at the door.
You would need to pay for hotel, part of the gas and your food, although once again, the club would be paying for part of those. That's why we pay dues.
The date is Saturday, April 2nd. We will most likely again travel on Friday and Sunday.
The place is Philipsburg, PA (about 6h drive according to Google Maps)
Break-out sessions will include knife, rope, one-steps, dirty fighting, bong, sword, forms, awareness, Ki Gong and Filipino martial arts.

Think about it and mark your calendars if you want to go !

Winter Quarter Class Cancellation Policy

With Winter Quarter right around the corner, it is important to stay in the loop in case class needs to be canceled due to weather. There are three main ways you will be notified in the event of a cancellation.

  1. This website.
  2. The BTSD Facebook account will post a status message.
  3. An email will be sent out to the students list.

If the weather is looking nasty and you are about to leave your warm house to trek to class, please check those three places before traveling to class. Every attempt will be made to make cancellation decisions by early afternoon the day of class.

As always, use common sense when deciding whether to come to class or not. If you cannot get there safely, stay home and stay safe. There will be plenty of other classes to attend.

Region 22 Championship

Region 22 championship paperwork is now available (in either .pdf or .doc format, choose whatever you want!)

As mentioned in class, championships are an opportunity to see Grandmaster Shin, non-Buckeye people and have a road trip! In addition to the opportunity to test your skills in Tang Soo Do, obviously.

As a side note, this year, the Championship will happen in the Pittsburgh area, which is the closest it gets to us until we have enough Ohio studios to justify running it in Ohio, so don't miss out!

Central Ohio Gup Clinic 2010

Buckeye Tang Soo Do and the Columbus Tang Soo Do Academy are pleased to officially announce the 2010 Central Ohio Gup Clinic!

2009 Central Ohio Clinic
2009 COHC Hyung
Click the picture for more!

The Central Ohio Clinic will take place on December 4th, from 8am to 5pm (including registration), at the Ohio state University RPAC, in the 1st Floor North Gym (exact address included in the paperwork).
There will also be a Sunday morning (5th) workout for all who wish to stay, led by the Senior Masters of Region 22.
All Youth Class and Adult Class students of the World Tang Soo Do Association can attend. We're sorry we will not accept Little Dragons, Mighty Dragons or Tiny Tigers this year.

The cost will be $30 per person, paid to Buckeye Tang Soo Do at the door. Please communicate to your instructor by Friday, November 19th if you plan to attend.
Note we will not provide lunch. A lunch break will be scheduled, so make sure to bring something to keep you going for the whole afternoon.
Make sure you also bring your Do Bohk, rank-appropriate weapons, sparring gear, mouthpiece, and any article you think you might need.

2009 Central Ohio Clinic
2009 COHC Bong breakout session
Click the picture for more!

Students under age 18 are required to bring a copy of the "Agreement to Release and Indemnify the University", signed by parents or legal guardian, that can be found in the attached paperwork.

As for previous Central Ohio Gup Clinic, we will be training on hyung, one-steps, drill, and break-out sessions. The exact schedule has not yet be determined, but in the past, student have been able to choose from the following:

Sae Kye Hyungs Bong Partner Drills Self-Defense one Steps
Sparring strategies Sword One-Steps Ground fighting
Dynamic Kicking Rope Techniques Fan
Ki Gong Knife Drills Tai Chi
Falling Techniques Sticks Drills Jump Kicks

We'll try to update this page when we know more about what will be available, although we can't make any promises, as such things depend on what instructors will be available and what they are in the mood to teach. :)
*As of now, break-out sessions that will be provided are indicated in bold. (See Current Schedule pdf)

See attached paperwork for more information!

Welcome Week

A new academic year will soon be starting, and there will be plenty of events to give new people the opportunity to try Tang Soo Do out!
Check here often, as this page will be updated when we get more information on each event!

2009 Involvement Fair
2009 Student Involvement Fair

Student Involvement Fair
The Fair went well, with many people showing up at our table, asking question and giving us their emails. Although we ran out of flyers at some point (blame the secretary!!!), we always had at least three people manning the table, with Mr Holtman playing in the background with ropes. Now we wait to see everybody at Martial Arts Night!

"Try Us Out" class
Our free class went relatively well, despite our head instructor, Mr Holtman, being forcefully detained at work and not being able to show up. We had a great turnover, and many Tang Soo Do practitioners came back with the new year as well. Overall a great experience, and we hope to see everyone again next week! If you missed it, feel free to show up any day to see how great Tang Soo Do is!

Martial Arts Night
Martial Arts Night is now behind us as well. As with the rest of the week, it went rather well. Every club present had good demos, and a good amount of people attended and enjoyed those.

Now that welcome week is finished, anybody is still welcome to show up at our door any time we're there, and ask for a free class! We'll have another official "free first class" next Tuesday, but if you can't make it to that one, just show up to any other! We'll be happy to teach you the basics and explain what we do. If you just want to watch, that's great too!
Thanks to all club members for their involvement during Welcome Week, and to everyone who showed interest in BTSD!

Gup testing this Saturday!

It's that time again: testing. We will be having a summer testing/workout this Saturday, August 31st, 1pm in Room B134. That's the aerobics room next to our usual practice room.

If you have been training with us this summer, consider yourself volunteered to be out on the training floor this Saturday. We will be having a special guest in from out of town, so this is our chance to show how we train. Some of you will be testing for rank, due to missing spring testing or joining late in the quarter. ALL OF US, including Mr Holtman, will be getting evaluated. Come prepared to work hard and enjoy yourselves.

If you have been in class this summer and are unable to attend on Saturday, please let Mr Holtman know ASAP. Plan to be at the RPAC at *noon* in order to set up and get the room ready.

If you have any questions or concerns, see any black belt in class this week.

Western PA Gup Clinic coming up !

The 2010 Western PA Gup Clinic is around the corner! It will happen on Saturday, August 28th, near Pittsburg.

Gup  ClinicIf you've never been to a Gup Clinic, don't miss out! Tang Soo Do practitioner from the whole area get together to follow training sessions ranging from forms to tournament preparation, going through knife defense, falling techniques and many others. Have a look through the paperwork for more information about what will be proposed. There's also a time to work on one steps and go through our forms all together. It is a lot of fun, a good work-out, and you are kept busy the whole day.

We have not yet planned everything, but we will probably leave on Friday 27th in the afternoon, get dinner together over there, and leave Saturday after the clinic.

The fee for the clinic is $35, and you need to add the cost of one hotel night, car-pooling gas and obviously your food. It has not yet been decided if (or how much) the club will pay for anything. We'll keep you updated!

If you are interested (and of course you are!), please fill the attached paperwork no later than August 14th and bring it to Mr Holtman, with a check.

Drink more water!

Here's a message from our friendly safety officer, Mr Miller:

"If you haven't noticed, summer is upon us, and is in full swing; the temperature today topped out at over 90 degrees! There has been quite a bit of humidity and sun to deal with as well.
I know we're all adults, but all the same, I would like to remind everyone to drink plenty of water throughout these warmer days. It doesn't extend to just Tang Soo Do days or times, but if you are walking across campus, mowing the lawn, or doing anything else in or outdoors that exposes you to the heat for prolonged periods of time. Taking in those extra fluids is the main method to avoiding symptoms of dehydration, up to and including heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Please note that other "beverages" containing other ingredients, may dehydrate you or further said process."

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