Dobohk Care

Dobohk Care Guidelines

This information was borrowed from the WTSDA Dan Manual:

Members should exercise care in keeping their Dobohk clean and pressed at all times. It is important to give a good impression of our art. A neat appearance is important in this respect. A high degree of cleanliness should always be maintained among members. Members should take care to pay respect to their bodies and keep themselves clean. Fingernails and toenails should be clipped and kept short to prevent injury while fighting. All Dobohk will be folded properly upon entering and leaving the Dojang.

Do means "way of life" or martial arts as Do in Tang Soo Do and Bohk means "robe or training clothes." This type of Dobohk is worn universally in most kinds of martial arts but its origin can be traced to 600AD in Korea. A mural painting from that age illustrates a warrior’s hunting scene. The warrior wears the Do Bohk style robe, which was always white.

The Dobohk is not simple training clothing but traditionally has been treated and maintained in special ways as an instrument in achieving the goal of martial arts.
Students should be aware of ways of cleaning, carrying, caring and storing their Dobohk.

If you need help putting trim on your uniform, ask senior rank. They may be willing to give some pointers and hints.

General Care Guidelines:

  • ALWAYS wash in cold water.
  • Hang dry. Do not put in dryer. The dobohk will shrink if you put in the dryer.
  • Never use bleach. Even a little bit will severely deteriorate the dobohk's quality.
  • Do not put a hot iron directly onto the silk screening. Put a towel in between the iron the silk screening or iron on the other side of the dobohk.
  • If your belt is "bleeding" onto your dobohk. Soak in a bowl of cold, salt water to relieve much of the excess dye.
  • Repair all tears and holes.
  • All patches are to be SECURELY sewn.
  • White belts, Orange belts, and Cho Dan Bos are not to have trim on their dobohks.
  • Green, Brown, and Red belts are to have trim on the lapel ONLY.
  • All Dans will have trim on their lapels, sleeve cuffs and around the bottom border of the dobohk jacket.