Western PA Gup Clinic coming up!

The Western PA Gup clinic is coming up !
It will take place on July 23rd, in the Pittsburgh area. It will be very similar to other clinics you've been to. That means loads of fun. It has been done outside in the past, although it's not sure it will be this time...

The cost will be $35 per person, and that includes a picnic on Saturday evening. The club will pay for part of the travel/hotel costs, as usual, but expect to participate, as well as pay for your food.

The exact plan still has to be determined, but in the past, we have driven on Friday evening, spent a night at a hotel, and driven back on Saturday evening after the picnic. Or stayed another night there and got some extra training from one of the many skilled instructors in the Pittsburgh area...

If you are interested in going, fill in the attached application and either mail it or email it (details within the application) before July 9th. Make sure you also let Mr Holtman know!

WesternPAClinicApplication-2011 -Final.docx40.01 KB