Central PA Gup Clinic

New event coming up!

The next big regional event is the Central PA Gup Clinic, organized by Master Kaye, of the Penn State Martial Arts Group.
Those of you who have been to our Ohio Gup Clinic, you know what it's like. Only this time, since it's closer to the center of the region, there should be much more people, including more Masters.

It's a long way away, but you know what that means... Road trip!!!

Anyway, all the details are in the attached paperwork, but here is a summary:

Registration is $35, paid at the door.
You would need to pay for hotel, part of the gas and your food, although once again, the club would be paying for part of those. That's why we pay dues.
The date is Saturday, April 2nd. We will most likely again travel on Friday and Sunday.
The place is Philipsburg, PA (about 6h drive according to Google Maps)
Break-out sessions will include knife, rope, one-steps, dirty fighting, bong, sword, forms, awareness, Ki Gong and Filipino martial arts.

Think about it and mark your calendars if you want to go !

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