Gup Testing

Testing is coming! Saturday, December 3rd is the day! That's the weekend before finals' week, so prepare accordingly!

Here are a couple reminders, so everything goes smoothly:

  • Show up 15 minutes early! We'll need help to set up everything.
  • Bring what you will need. That includes:
    • Do Bohk
    • Gup Manual
    • Mouth Guard
    • Weapons, if you need them
  • Be on your best behavior! That includes the following:
    • Ki Ahp. All the time. You most likely can not Ki Ahp too much.
    • Bow to every black belt and masters, in Do Bohk or in their Blue Suits. Even more true than for Ki Ahps, you can not bow too much.
    • "Yes Sir!" Whenever anybody higher rank than you tells you something, you should answer with "Sir" (or "M'am")
    • Whenever you are not on the floor, sit straight (do not lean) and be alert to help any instructor that needs help

Those are things we should always do, but it is even more important in testing.
Also, don't forget, we are still there to have fun! Bring your best spirits, and show "them" what we at BTSD can do!