Central Ohio Gup Clinic 2010

Buckeye Tang Soo Do and the Columbus Tang Soo Do Academy are pleased to officially announce the 2010 Central Ohio Gup Clinic!

2009 Central Ohio Clinic
2009 COHC Hyung
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The Central Ohio Clinic will take place on December 4th, from 8am to 5pm (including registration), at the Ohio state University RPAC, in the 1st Floor North Gym (exact address included in the paperwork).
There will also be a Sunday morning (5th) workout for all who wish to stay, led by the Senior Masters of Region 22.
All Youth Class and Adult Class students of the World Tang Soo Do Association can attend. We're sorry we will not accept Little Dragons, Mighty Dragons or Tiny Tigers this year.

The cost will be $30 per person, paid to Buckeye Tang Soo Do at the door. Please communicate to your instructor by Friday, November 19th if you plan to attend.
Note we will not provide lunch. A lunch break will be scheduled, so make sure to bring something to keep you going for the whole afternoon.
Make sure you also bring your Do Bohk, rank-appropriate weapons, sparring gear, mouthpiece, and any article you think you might need.

2009 Central Ohio Clinic
2009 COHC Bong breakout session
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Students under age 18 are required to bring a copy of the "Agreement to Release and Indemnify the University", signed by parents or legal guardian, that can be found in the attached paperwork.

As for previous Central Ohio Gup Clinic, we will be training on hyung, one-steps, drill, and break-out sessions. The exact schedule has not yet be determined, but in the past, student have been able to choose from the following:

Sae Kye Hyungs Bong Partner Drills Self-Defense one Steps
Sparring strategies Sword One-Steps Ground fighting
Dynamic Kicking Rope Techniques Fan
Ki Gong Knife Drills Tai Chi
Falling Techniques Sticks Drills Jump Kicks

We'll try to update this page when we know more about what will be available, although we can't make any promises, as such things depend on what instructors will be available and what they are in the mood to teach. :)
*As of now, break-out sessions that will be provided are indicated in bold. (See Current Schedule pdf)

See attached paperwork for more information!

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