Frequently Asked Questions

Since we're starting a new semester today, we're making it easy for the future white belts to get to know us! :)

What is Tang Soo Do?
It is a classical form of Korean martial arts. Tang Soo Do shares the same root as Taekwondo, but it focuses more on preserving the traditional heritage and value of self-defense than developing the competitive sport aspects.

Are there physical requirements to train in Tang Soo Do?
Tang Soo Do is a life time activity for all ages. You are never too short, too tall, too young or too old to benefit from training. The instructors can work with your injuries or physical limitations.

Previous martial arts experience needed?
Not at all! Anyone with or without previous experience can join. While having some martial arts background will help when you begin in Tang Soo Do, it is not required. We teach from the basics and work our way up. Everyone will start as a white belt. The instructors will help guide each student to progress at a rate that is most appropriate for them.

When can I start? Can I visit a class first?
Yes! We always welcome visitors to observe or try out a few training sessions. It is the best way for you to see exactly what we do in Tang Soo Do and if it is right for you. Comfortable exercise clothes work best if you’re thinking of trying out.

How much does it cost?
Once you have decided that Tang Soo Do is right for you, dues for the 2015-2016 academic year is $40 per semester. A uniform with training manual can be purchased for $30.

New Officers 2015-2016

New academic year. New BTSD officers:
President - Ms. Katie Maloney
Vice President - Sara Lucci
Secretary - Gail Gu
Treasurer - Audrey Dahill
Media- Kumiko Aizawa
Safety Officer - Mr. Nicholas Denton

2014 officers

2014 Spring Dan Test

Great job at the 2014 Spring Dan test! Jon, Phoebe, and Christy tested for their Cho Dan. They sure made us proud.

Group Cho Dan Bo

Spring Gup Test 2014

Great belt test on Thursday 03/06/14! Go see some pictures on our Facebook page (

Kate form

Sunday Practice Time Change

IMPORTANT UPDATE (3/9/14): Class time is now back to 6-8 PM Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.

Starting this week (11/10/13), our Sunday practice will shift forward to 5-7 PM. On selected weeks, there will also be an optional weapon practice afterward (7-8 PM). Come learn some knife drills!

knife drill

Martial Arts Demo Night

Thank you everyone for coming to our Martial Arts Demo Night at the RPAC. We had a blast! Hope you did, too. Want more Tang Soo Do action? Come try a few classes for FREE (see Class Schedule). We'll see you soon!

Fall Semester 2013

student involvement fair

Buckeyes are arriving and returning to campus in the next few weeks. We have a few great opportunities for you to try out Tang Soo Do with us. We'll be at the Student Involvement Fair this Sunday (8/18, 4-8 PM) and at the Martial Arts Demo Night next Thursday (8/22, 6-8 PM). Come meet us in person. We'll show you how it's done!

WTSDA 2012 World Championship

The WTSDA 2012 World Championship will take place July 20-22nd, 2012, in Greensboro, NC. This event brings in competitors from all around the world, giving participants a sense of what it means to be part of a true world organization.

If you are interested in attending, see your instructor.

Paperwork is available on WTSDA website.

Demo Team!

Bill is spearheading the Demo Team and creation of a kick-butt zombie-themed demo to present at the Region 22 Championship this February. It's going to be amazing, but only if YOU make it amazing with your great ideas.

So if you're going to the Regional Championship (or just have ideas), please visit the Poison Nut Demo Team forum page. There's a link at the bottom of the list on the left of the site. Register and offer/give opinions about ideas!

Also, Demo Practice with be on Saturdays at 2 pm. Please attend if you can!


Western PA Gup Clinic coming up!

The Western PA Gup clinic is coming up !
It will take place on July 23rd, in the Pittsburgh area. It will be very similar to other clinics you've been to. That means loads of fun. It has been done outside in the past, although it's not sure it will be this time...

The cost will be $35 per person, and that includes a picnic on Saturday evening. The club will pay for part of the travel/hotel costs, as usual, but expect to participate, as well as pay for your food.

The exact plan still has to be determined, but in the past, we have driven on Friday evening, spent a night at a hotel, and driven back on Saturday evening after the picnic. Or stayed another night there and got some extra training from one of the many skilled instructors in the Pittsburgh area...

If you are interested in going, fill in the attached application and either mail it or email it (details within the application) before July 9th. Make sure you also let Mr Holtman know!

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